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Building capability

Training can help drive the productivity of your people which in turn drives the productivity and profits of your organisation. Our training is designed to help give your business a competitive edge with our affordable, effective and best-in-class training.

All of our training can be tailored to be delivered in short bite-sized sessions through to full days and modular programmes over several weeks.

All of our training can be delivered either face-to-face or online to suit your specific working practices, co-located or remote teams and ensuring appropriate current social distancing measures for COVID19 compliance.

Our full training offer is outlined by category in the table below. Contact us today to grow your team and grow your business.

Business Meeting


Marketing channels & budgets
Developing a targeted marketing campaign
Customer insights & value
Media & interview training
Marketing channels


Effective communications
Influencing skills
Presentation skills
Report writing & written communication
Speaking at a conference


Project management essentials

Project lifecycle

Risk & change management

People in projects

Project director training


Leading the self
First time manager
Leader as coach
Feedback & difficult conversations
Motivation at work


Time management
Unconscious bias
Creative thinking
Personal impact


Developing client relationships
Effective networking
Pitches & presentations
Compelling proposals
Negotiation skills

Tim is a pleasure to work with. He is able to very quickly grasp what your needs are. He is able to share a very clear vision of what will work for you. It is very reassuring to work with someone who is knowledgeable, creative and reliable. I have no hesitation recommending Tim to anyone.

Great content in the training session, well presented and very engaging. It is valuable to be given these training opportunities as it makes employees feel valued.

Robbie quickly helped me identify the root of my issues. I was amazed at how much information we uncovered during the coaching sessions and I feel the plans I have in place will definitely help me move forward. Thank You!

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